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Thousands of ramp plans sold world wide.

Zero building experience required!


Everything you need to build the ramp as shown in the video.  Figure out how much your total cost will be & hit the ground running when your Easyhalfpipe DVD Manual & Blueprints arrive!  (A printed materials list is also included with your order.)



Every section clearly illustrated
The printed plans show every angle of the ramp you will be building. You will have well drawn plans at your fingertips as you build. The instruction manual shows close up, how specific sections are assembled. With the aid of the plans, guide and watching the entire construction on video, you will become a building expert and take on this project with confidence that you have done it right the first time. Other plans don't compare. There is no better way to build a ramp.

Transportable ramp!
Our unique design allows you to take your ramp with you if you move, or to store it in the garage for the winter. Plus, disassembly can be done easily in 30 minutes or less by only taking apart large sections and not the entire ramp. The entire ramp fits into a 8'x8'x4' cube! 

Save time & money
Designed to maximize the use of the materials required. You could possibly save hundreds of dollars using these plans over other plans. With the detailed guide and DVD video you will increase the chances of doing it right the first time. 

Modify the ramp!
The printed plans also include details on how to make it higher with vert, increase ramp width, make it shorter. As well as how to build a spine, hump, extensions and street quarterpipe ramps.

Questions & Answers
This kit provides you with answers to questions you may have never thought of, like: What's wrong with using nails instead of screws? Why shouldn't I use a water sealer on masonite? What are my options for a riding surface? ...and more.


Why did we post the whole step by step video?

The video demonstrates all the steps necessary to build your halfpipe, the manual and blueprints provide all the accurate measurements and additional tips to make sure you build your ramp right the first time!  Consider the free video section a test drive of our product.
This video shows the halfpipe being built from start to finish. You will learn every aspect of construction like how to draw perfect transition curves, how to lay the plywood, how to attach the coping and more.  When you buy the kit you'll get a DVD copy of this video in addition to the blueprints and step by step manual.


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